Press Release: Authors Supporting Our Troops

Rymfire author Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days series, has launched the Authors Supporting Our Troops (A.S.O.T) book drive. Rosamilia is reaching out to fellow authors and publishers to seek donations of the authors’ books, signed, for distribution to United State Armed Forces stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.  The author book drive for troops is currently underway and runs through April 1st, 2014 but may be extended due to overwhelming response.

Message from Armand Rosamilia on Authors Supporting Our Troops Facebook page:

“I’ll be collecting fellow authors’ books to send to our troops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan in April. Interested in donating some of your books? The men and women of the Armed Forces love receiving signed books from authors to read and pass around while they’re over there! If you’re an author and want to help, join this page and then get in touch with Armand Rosamilia for the address to send your copies. Let’s do something positive for someone else! And thanks to Joe McKinney for previously doing an event like this and giving me the idea!”

Armand Rosamilia became involved with this great cause with author Joe McKinney after meeting him at the Word Horror Convention in New Orleans. McKinney was collecting books by authors to ship overseas. Those books are a great way to give the troops something to read and be entertained while they are on deployment. Rosamilia picked up the mantle after McKinney was no longer able to continue the collection. After making contact with service members returning from deployment in Afghanistan, Rosamilia began to organize this year’s drive. When asked how this event has influenced him, Rosamilia had this to say, “Words truly can’t describe the elation doing this. I believe in karma, and this is proof it exists. My father is a Vietnam Veteran. Who hasn’t been affected and touched by war, no matter how young or old? Everyone has a soldier in their family or a friend who does.”

There is something special and personal about holding a real book an author signed and the gratitude towards the troops behind the collection to bring these books to the soldiers. The book drive is for printed books only, not eBooks. The book drive will give these brave men and women of the military the chance to enjoy the authors’ books, whether or not they have access to an eReader. The printed books are arriving daily from across the country. Currently, over 300 authors have shown interest in donating their signed books. Many authors are reaching out to their fans offering to match book purchases going towards this event. The Facebook page, Authors Supporting Our Troops has been set up and each delivery is photographed and then shared on the page. Additionally, to offset the cost of shipping the books to the bases, t-shirts have been made available for non-authors to help support the drive. The profits from the shirt sales will help with the expense of shipping the books to the bases. The shipping can get quite costly for large numbers of boxes.

If you are an author or publisher who would like to be involved in the event simply “join” the event on the Facebook page and contact Armand Rosamilia. Do not have a book published? Join the Facebook page for ways to help support the event through special t-shirt sales or donations.

Event details:

Time of ASOT Drive: Authors Supporting Our Troop will collect donations until April 1, 2014.

What is being collected: New print books donated by the author signed by author. We are unable to accept used books or eBooks.

How to participate: Contact Armand Rosamilia via email at to receive the shipping address for the books.

More information can be found on Facebook Event page and Twitter: Authors Supporting Our Troops & Twitter updates at #ASOT2014

What can non-authors do to contribute: By purchasing a limited edition t-shirt of “Authors Supporting Our Troops” the proceeds will go to offset the shipping costs. Also, contact Armand Rosamilia at to learn other methods of donating for shipping costs.


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