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Rymfire Books Site folding into Armand Rosamilia Site on January 1st 2015

Yep… I rarely use this site anymore. Since selling off the anthologies to Charon Coin Press the only releases from Rymfire Books for the foreseeable future will be books by Armand Rosamilia

Hence, I’ve decided to get everyone over to that page… this site will still be up but not updated and revert back to the wordpress address in mid-January 2015

Won’t you please join me over at and stay in touch with the latest releases?

Here’s to all of us having an amazing 2015 together!

Armand Rosamilia


No Joke: April is 99 cents month for Armand Rosamilia eBooks

Rymfire Books author Armand Rosamilia with some 99 cent sales on Rymfire Books releases in April!


I’ve decided to go wild this month and make quite a large chunk of my eBooks on sale for only 99 cents. The goal will be to choose 2-4 different releases each Friday and lower them to 99 cents. Each and every Friday I will post the newest books on the blog and I hope you dive in and pick them up. 

On May 1st I will begin raising the prices on them back to where they were previously, so this is a limited time offer. Not everything will be lowered, as well… but I think you’ll enjoy the many I will be lowering. 

In the meantime, I have a few releases already at 99 cents (these will all go up to regular price on May 1st, btw):

Siege graphic

TWO zombie novellas for only 99 cents? Tim Baker and Armand Rosamilia must be insane! This won’t last long!


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