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PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror Acquired by Charon Coin Press

SoHlogo1smallRymfire Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of the popular State of Horror Anthology series by Charon Coin Press. State of Horror will become the flagship under the banner of publisher Charon Coin Press. The move occurred after the publisher, helmed by current State of Horror editor Jerry Benns, sought to solidify the launch of the new publishing press with an established series. The acquisition by Charon Coin Press, includes the anthology series: “State of Horror”, “Heavy Metal Horror”, “Post-Apocalyptic Raid”, “I, Executioner”, “Revenant 1 & 2”, and “Vermin”. Charon Coin Press announced each of these anthologies will receive the same re-launch treatment that the State of Horror Anthology is currently undergoing.

When asked about the driving factor for the sale of the anthologies, Armand Rosamilia had this to say, “I didn’t start out to be a publisher. I wanted to be a writer. However, when I saw the passion Jerry had for Rymfire Books and the State of Horror series, as well as interest in re-imagining other anthologies, I knew he’d be the perfect choice to smoothly take over where I left off. I’m confident Jerry will take the State of Horror and other series in new directions with more focus than I’d ever have time for. If I didn’t have 100% confidence in Jerry’s drive, this deal would have never happened.

In January 2014, Armand Rosamilia announced the re-launch of the State of Horror series with a new editor, Jerry Benns, joining the project. Since the announcement, interest in the series has grown with the opening of new submissions, cover redesign, and frequent writing prompts through social media. Charon Coin Press will continue the heavy push for the State of Horror Anthology along with the summer release of the first two books, State of Horror: Illinois and State of Horror: New Jersey. Both of these titles are in the post-submission processes and are on schedule.

Jerry Benns, founder of Charon Coin Press, is continuing the momentum begun with State of Horror and expanding the same formula with the other series. “This is just the beginning of the story. Charon Coin Press was founded with the idea of getting quality stories into reader’s hands and partnering up with authors to accomplish this goal,” stated Benns when discussing the acquisition. “State of Horror Anthologies will be a perfect foundation for Charon Coin Press’ anthology division. Each of the acquired anthologies will only grow from here. I began working with Armand because of the vision he had for the series. That vision and the desire to take the anthologies to the next level will remain the compass for the future. Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have had the chance to work with Armand over the past few months and I look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.

May 1st will begin the next round of open submissions with State of Horror: North Carolina and Louisiana. The recent open submissions of Illinois and New Jersey, have now closed and will complete the selection process by the end of the month with a scheduled summer release. The series will contain the planned 13 tales, including a story by Rosamilia in each. The Charon Coin Press website (charoncoinpress.com) has more details about the upcoming releases and submissions.

With the sale of these titles, Rosamilia was asked what the future looks like for Rymfire Books, “Rymfire Books will continue to grow but as the publisher of my own work, which was the original concept over five years ago when it began. I can re-focus on putting out ’Dying Days 4’ and my ’Flagler Beach Fiction Series’ and put all my energy into my writing.

For more information on these series visit CharonCoinPress.com or contact Jerry Benns at jebenns@charoncoinpress.com.


PRESS RELEASE: Do You Want To Be In Dying Days 4?

Recently in an article on author Armand Rosamilia’s website, he asked fans of the Dying Days series what they thought would be the best format for a contest in which fans would have the chance to be in Dying Days 4. Fans of the books cast their votes for one of three options. The fans have spoken and the results were close. Recently, he tallied up the results and announced a contest for readers to participate in. In order to keep it interesting, Rosamilia chose two methods for a chance to win a spot in the next book.

Sneak peek at Dying Days 4 cover art
Sneak peek at Dying Days 4 cover art

Until April 1, 2014, readers can enter their names for a drawing. Once the contest ends, a name will be chosen and announced on Armand Rosamilia’s website and here on Rymfire Books. How do you get your name entered? Let’s take a look.


Here are the rules from ArmandRosamilia.com:

1. Send me a cool pic of you holding any (or all) of the Dying Days books. It could be eitherDying Days, Dying Days 2, Dying Days 3, Highway To Hell, Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, Still Dying, Still Dying 2, Dying Days: Origins, Dying Days: The Siege of European Village, Dying Days: Siege 2You’ll automatically be entered in for a chance to star in it. AND… for every book in the picture I’ll give you another chance, as well as bonus entries for originality! Note: I will use the pictures as promotional items on my blog, Facebook page, etc.

2. Reviewing any of the above-mentioned Dying Days books will also get you a shot at being in the book. It does not matter what your rating is, as long as it is on Amazon (and bonus chances for every other place like B&N and Goodreads you post as well), and you’ll also get your name added for each and every review, so if you review all 10 books listed above and post them to Amazon, B&N and Goodreads, it gives you 30 chances to win!

Armand Rosamilia will be collecting pictures and taking names of verifiable reviews through his email at armandrosamilia@gmail.com until April 1st. It is time to get your camera and Dying Days books together or log on to your favorite book seller site to write a review. What are you waiting for?

PRESS RELEASE: Armand Rosamilia Releases New Cover Art for “Extreme Horror Collection”

Rymfire Books is proud to announce the release of Extreme Horror Collection by author Armand Rosamilia. Previously, artist Nic Burgess released this title with an eye-catching cover. However, with the upcoming release of Dying Days 4, Rosamilia wanted to reorganize his previous title, containing four novellas from the Dying Days world and bring a fresh look at the collection.

Rosamilia contacted artist, Ash Arceneaux, to help with an updated version of the cover to reflect the feel of the other Dying Days releases. The new cover and story order, were released February 14, 2014 at all retailers. The cover features a closer representation of Darlene Bobich’s character who had captured fans of the series. Previously, Rosamilia released an updated cover for his popular Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, as one of the four novellas, to reflect the character’s appearance from the stories. The updated cover is part of a growing promotional campaign to prepare for this year’s releases in the series.


Extreme Undead Collection provides readers with a collection of stories from the genesis of the Dying Days world. The stories featured are:

Highway to Hell” – one of the first introductions of the Dying Days world, featuring Randy, a guy who is just trying to survive in a world in which the living are in the minority. He left his home to run from the growing zombie horde and seeks out places to hide, that is until he comes across a mysterious and sexy girl.

Zombie Tea Party” – A zombie short story collection.

Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer”- This collection of short stories features the familiar Darlene Bobich leading up to the Dying Days book. Get to know the stories that brought Bobich to Florida.

Dying Days” – The first Dying Days title, features Darlene Bobich’s survival adventures on the Florida coast.

Extreme Undead Collection brings the stories that will prepare you for the adventure of Bobich and other characters. The collection is the perfect place to start your journey into Rosamilia’s world of extreme horror*. This release is a full-length collection to keep you turning page after page.

Pick up your copy today on these platforms:





(*) WARNING: These books contain extreme situations and violence. Not for the faint of heart.

PRESS RELEASE: Armand Rosamilia’s Dying Days 4 Cover Revealed

Rymfire Books has a sneak peek this week at the new cover of the eagerly anticipated upcoming release of Armand Rosamilia’s new Dying Days book. Fans may recognize the style of Ash Arceneaux from previous releases. Arceneaux returns as designer of the cover art, capturing Rosamilia’s vision in the Dying Days series.

Sneak peek at Dying Days 4 cover art
Sneak peek at Dying Days 4 cover art

Dying Days 4 finds the survivors continuing the struggle for humanity after zombies have taken over the world. Survivors struggle against their enemies, alive and dead, in the last remaining stronghold. While Rosamilia is hard at work on the next Dying Days installment, he has hinted about what readers can expect as he brings back favorite characters from the series and some new faces.  

Rosamilia posted a teaser this week on his site about the characters for the upcoming book,

I’ll also be bringing in a few characters you might have forgotten about along the way, too… and a few new ones you’ll love and/or hate… but, as always, Darlene Bobich will be the main story for you to follow along…”

The upcoming release of Dying Days 4 will give readers even more of the series to savor. The release will be longer than previously released books in the series. If you are new to the Dying Days world, check out Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer or begin with Highway to Hell- the first book in the Dying Days series.

As Rosamilia continues writing for this new release, Rymfire will continue to share tidbits of information. Arceneaux’s cover is stunning in its visuals and will give you a little taste of what is to come. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Dying Days 4.