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PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror Acquired by Charon Coin Press

SoHlogo1smallRymfire Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of the popular State of Horror Anthology series by Charon Coin Press. State of Horror will become the flagship under the banner of publisher Charon Coin Press. The move occurred after the publisher, helmed by current State of Horror editor Jerry Benns, sought to solidify the launch of the new publishing press with an established series. The acquisition by Charon Coin Press, includes the anthology series: “State of Horror”, “Heavy Metal Horror”, “Post-Apocalyptic Raid”, “I, Executioner”, “Revenant 1 & 2”, and “Vermin”. Charon Coin Press announced each of these anthologies will receive the same re-launch treatment that the State of Horror Anthology is currently undergoing.

When asked about the driving factor for the sale of the anthologies, Armand Rosamilia had this to say, “I didn’t start out to be a publisher. I wanted to be a writer. However, when I saw the passion Jerry had for Rymfire Books and the State of Horror series, as well as interest in re-imagining other anthologies, I knew he’d be the perfect choice to smoothly take over where I left off. I’m confident Jerry will take the State of Horror and other series in new directions with more focus than I’d ever have time for. If I didn’t have 100% confidence in Jerry’s drive, this deal would have never happened.

In January 2014, Armand Rosamilia announced the re-launch of the State of Horror series with a new editor, Jerry Benns, joining the project. Since the announcement, interest in the series has grown with the opening of new submissions, cover redesign, and frequent writing prompts through social media. Charon Coin Press will continue the heavy push for the State of Horror Anthology along with the summer release of the first two books, State of Horror: Illinois and State of Horror: New Jersey. Both of these titles are in the post-submission processes and are on schedule.

Jerry Benns, founder of Charon Coin Press, is continuing the momentum begun with State of Horror and expanding the same formula with the other series. “This is just the beginning of the story. Charon Coin Press was founded with the idea of getting quality stories into reader’s hands and partnering up with authors to accomplish this goal,” stated Benns when discussing the acquisition. “State of Horror Anthologies will be a perfect foundation for Charon Coin Press’ anthology division. Each of the acquired anthologies will only grow from here. I began working with Armand because of the vision he had for the series. That vision and the desire to take the anthologies to the next level will remain the compass for the future. Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have had the chance to work with Armand over the past few months and I look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.

May 1st will begin the next round of open submissions with State of Horror: North Carolina and Louisiana. The recent open submissions of Illinois and New Jersey, have now closed and will complete the selection process by the end of the month with a scheduled summer release. The series will contain the planned 13 tales, including a story by Rosamilia in each. The Charon Coin Press website (charoncoinpress.com) has more details about the upcoming releases and submissions.

With the sale of these titles, Rosamilia was asked what the future looks like for Rymfire Books, “Rymfire Books will continue to grow but as the publisher of my own work, which was the original concept over five years ago when it began. I can re-focus on putting out ’Dying Days 4’ and my ’Flagler Beach Fiction Series’ and put all my energy into my writing.

For more information on these series visit CharonCoinPress.com or contact Jerry Benns at jebenns@charoncoinpress.com.